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Improvements over 1.3

Large Improvements

  1. Runs under Comanche 6: That means it can run in more recent Squeaks.
  2. Open pages: Now, you can lock a page so that it cannot be locked by others.
  3. Bad user management: administrators can now delete content from SpamBots easily.
  4. Plug-ins: this allows new functionality, like embedding pages, calendaring, voting, and embedding RSS content.

Small Improvements

  1. Some page content is cached in the image, making the server faster.
  2. The edit text window is now the width of the window.
  3. There is a basic guide to the editing rules on the edit page.
  4. There is more use of the HTML title field, rather than javascript.
  5. Edit and history pages carry an HTML meta tag, so search engines will not index them.
  6. There is slightly more use of CSS.

Bug Fixes

  1. Linking to an ftp site that involves an @ is not wrongly converted into a mail link.
  2. The password no longer gets lost when there is an edit conflict.
  3. The server launches an error when the server was badly shut down.

Expected Future Improvements

  1. Automatic correction for malformed pages upon restart
  2. Releasing AniAniWeb
  3. User accounts